Day 2, Sept 28 – Orisson to Ronsevalles

The weather was perfect for crossing up and over the Pyrenees. Sunny, a bit of a breeze, not to warm. You couldn’t ask for anything better! The views were impressive, almost Heidi-like with large dairy cows with huge bells tied around their necks, ponies and sheep. An older man with two elderly sheep dogs walkedContinue reading “Day 2, Sept 28 – Orisson to Ronsevalles”

Day 1, Sept 27. St Jean Pied de Port to Orisson

We start walking from Cathy and Tauno’s AirBnB to the start of The Camino. I was embarrassed to be seen. I had my backpack on plus I was carrying a day pack on my front. Other pilgrims would be horrified to see us so overloaded. But it was only a ten minute walk to theContinue reading “Day 1, Sept 27. St Jean Pied de Port to Orisson”

Day 1 – Orrison- Cathy’s View

We left Tauno just after 8:00 am. He will catch a bus to Pamplona and see us there a few days from now. Liz’s brilliant idea of paying to have our packs transported was our next task. We would thank the heavens for that idea many times.We hiked to town and delivered our packs toContinue reading “Day 1 – Orrison- Cathy’s View”