Day 10-11 Logrõno to Burgos

The family divides up Today we split up. Suzie and Sarah G back to Toronto via Madrid. Sophie to Montreal via Madrid and Paris. So the three of them take a bus to Madrid while the four remaining take a bus to Burgos where we will spend the day before the three others take anotherContinue reading “Day 10-11 Logrõno to Burgos”

Day 9, Vianna to Logroño

It is Camino coincidences that has you meeting the same people again and again. Not only Tobias and Muffin but also Bill and Chin from Maryland, Virginia. Everywhere we went, there they were. They are with an ‘unguided’ tour group which meant the tour organizers took care of moving their luggage leaving them to carryContinue reading “Day 9, Vianna to Logroño”

Day 7 Estella to los Arcos

We have passed the 100k mark from Roncesvalles which means we have walked a tad more than 124k. We spotted a sign telling us that at a blacksmith’s shop a couple of k up from Estella. Everyone has been anticipating today, the day we walk to a wine fountain! The Bodegas Irache winery is alongsideContinue reading “Day 7 Estella to los Arcos”

Day 6, Puente la Reina to Estella

3 pieces of gear The couple from Australia pass us. He’s wearing a kilt. Go figure. And yes he does wear underwear his wife informs us. They also wear ankle gaitors. These are gaitors designed for hikers and walkers and they cover the ankle and the shoes so stones and dirt don’t get down insideContinue reading “Day 6, Puente la Reina to Estella”

Day 5, Oct 4 Pamploma to Puente la Reina

Everyone is waking up with sore muscles. I woke up with a cold sore. Sophie’s foot is swollen and her knee pain kept her awake all night. Sarah G have problems with her foot yesterday. Where everybody usually gets up before me my alarm went off and everybody stayed in bed. I think Camino wearinessContinue reading “Day 5, Oct 4 Pamploma to Puente la Reina”

Day 4 Zuburi to Pamploma

Today was a walk through beautiful quiet villages and forests. Geraniums are popular here. They decorate the entrances, the balconies, even woodpiles! We came across a small church attached to a house on the side of the hill. I had noticed it before last year and the year before because of the peaceful garden nextContinue reading “Day 4 Zuburi to Pamploma”

Day 3 Roncesvalles to Zuburi

It is pitch black outside and pouring! The forecast says it will get better the further west we walk. So we dress in raingear, skip the dry baquette with jam breakfast, put our headlamps on and start walking through the witches forest–so named because they burned witches here. A half hour later we stopped forContinue reading “Day 3 Roncesvalles to Zuburi”

Oct 1, Day 2 – Orisson to Ronscevalles

Day 2. It is dark but the excitement woke us early and in the pre-dawn we are milling around the dining room waiting for them to open the door for breakfast. Baquettes, butter, jam and bowls of coffee. We pick up our boccadillas (sandwiches made of small baquettes, ham–think prosciutto, and cheese) we had orderedContinue reading “Oct 1, Day 2 – Orisson to Ronscevalles”

Day 1 – St Jean Pied du Port to Orisson

Our first day is not a long distance—barely 8k but in that 8k is a 800metre climb. We prepare by eating a hearty breakfast which included a French apple cake, Basque fig preserve, Basque chocolate hazelnut, Basque black cherry jam, fresh banquettes, butter coffee, eggs and more. And then read the signs of heart attack….justContinue reading “Day 1 – St Jean Pied du Port to Orisson”