Day 4 Zuburi to Pamploma

Today was a walk through beautiful quiet villages and forests.

Geraniums are popular here. They decorate the entrances, the balconies, even woodpiles!

Woodpile envy.

We came across a small church attached to a house on the side of the hill. I had noticed it before last year and the year before because of the peaceful garden next to it filled with young fruit trees. This year the church/abbey was open and a Brit was giving adhoc talks to whoever stopped by on the restoration. He was a pilgrim with a passion to restore the Abbey and house. Other pilgrims have volunteered: a woman from the States just left after plastering some walls, a lawyer with UWashington law school helped set up the charity and the list went on. We are trying to recruit Annie to investigate the bones in the church. Check out their Facebook page.

The uncovered alter area
Wall mural

And we arrived in Pamploma (where the bulls run) for the night staying at a German run Albergue.

Coffee con leché, followed by pinxos in my favorite café, Café Iruna, a Hemmingway haunt.

Kilometers walked: 24

Highlight: the Abbey

Food Highlight: wandering the bar and restaurant streets that specializes in pinxos (tapas) eating a little this, a little that.

One thought on “Day 4 Zuburi to Pamploma

  1. Yay hikers! Sun is breaking through sea mist on PI and birds are chanting: onward, upward, downward, sleep!

    Xo Mliss, Doug, and the Saffron princess ………… Yoga-PI – move to change Sent from my iPhone


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