Memorable journeys. Most of them with photographs taken by Mark Kaarremaa (1948- 2015)

Tribal Journeys

Map showing some of the Tribal Journeys I have participated in. I have lost count, but four or five journeys. Over 1200 kms of coastline, some sections two or three or four times.

2019 Paddling BeyondNew Zealand with Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre youth

How can a culture survive without its language?… We discuss indigenous language between ourselves and with the Maori. They have a common language which helps….How do you do that in Canada, especially in BC where there are just under 200 First Nation languages….Whose language? Maybe we learn to use many words, many languages like waka (Maori), snuwulth (hul’qumi’num), c’apac (nuu’chah’nulth) and xwakwana (Kwai waka wak)–all mean canoe).

2014 Tribal Journey Paddle to Bella Bella

This was an epic journey, Nanaimo to Bella Bella approx 600 kilometres and three weeks paddling.

2008 Tribal Journey Ft. Rupert to Duncan

The journey that started it all.


2018 – My First Camino St Jean Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela

My first Camino with Linda Prior, an epic journey 34 days, almost 800kilometers, a half dozen blisters and a family we picked up on the way. I blogged my story here.

The three of us before walking Nanaimo to Victoria

2020 Camino Victoria

In a pinch, or in a pandemic what is one to do? Create your own Camino. In olden days a pilgrim started their pilgrimage when they walked out their home door. So we did too, and started our walk from Nanaimo to Victoria.

Other Journeys

2015 Mark’s last journey

Mark passed away in 2015. He was a professional photographer since 1975 and his photos have been published in newspapers, books, magazines including National Geographic Adventure, Beautiful British Columbia, New York Times, Wooden Boat Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, The Globe and Mail, Pacific Yachting. We miss him.

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