Coast Salish Woolly Dogs

A new article on Coast Salish wool dogs appeared in Hakai Magazine this week. This is very comprehensive and a great read and is also available in audio form. I want to make some corrections or question a few minor items not to nit pic or be critical, I just want to clarify what isContinue reading “Coast Salish Woolly Dogs”

Day more than 4 and less than 7: Camping life

So here’s the deal with camping on Kauai. You have three options: 1) Private campground but only one is currently open-Kumu campground. 2) State Parks, two to chose from but both require permits and we should have applied before we came as they were full and 3) State parks with more campgrounds and more availability,Continue reading “Day more than 4 and less than 7: Camping life”

Day 4? – A shoreline hike

At breakfast we had an intriguing conversation with five year old Rowan (from Whitehorse) which went something like this: Rowan: ‘Did you know that when walking your feet hit the ground but don’t really touch the ground?’ Us: ‘You mean in mid-stride?’ Rowan: ‘No’ Us: ‘When we jump?’ Rowan ‘No, I mean when your feetContinue reading “Day 4? – A shoreline hike”

Day 1 – We meet Janie and loose the keys

Two years ago a group of us went on a Trudy adventure to Oahu where Trudy was attending the biannual Pacific Seabird Conference. The conference hotel was $400 a night but Trudy found a campsite nearby that only charged $9/person/night. We would drop her off at the resort in the morning, have coffee there, useContinue reading “Day 1 – We meet Janie and loose the keys”

Day 0 off to Kauai–and a lost phone

We have just lived with over a week of snow and below freezing temperatures. Time to head for the sun. Cathy kindly dropped us for the PIsle ferry and we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves for being 8 mins early. We waved goodbye and headed down the ramp to the ferry with Trudy pattingContinue reading “Day 0 off to Kauai–and a lost phone”