Day 0 off to Kauai–and a lost phone

We have just lived with over a week of snow and below freezing temperatures. Time to head for the sun.

Cathy kindly dropped us for the PIsle ferry and we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves for being 8 mins early. We waved goodbye and headed down the ramp to the ferry with Trudy patting her pockets. ‘ I can’t find my phone!’. Trudy is not just going to Kauai but proceeding onwards to Philip Island off Norfolk Island to volunteer at some bird project, then on to Australia. She will need her phone. We unpacked on the dock. Nada. While Trudy ran home to retrieveI phoned Cathy to meet Trudy at her place and once again, get her to the ferry on time. Which she managed.

Jacket by Yolonda Skeleton at YVR showing fireweed design detail on the cuff.

Years ago, my very first adventure with Trudy started with a friend warning me that travel with Trudy always is an ‘adventure’. That seemed to check out when I phoned her to ask about gear needed to hunt old growth bats in the west coast. Her daughter answered the phone with a rapid staccato ‘ Mom can’t come to the phone. The BBQ is on fire and the house is burning down’. Click.

An old boyfriend of Trudy’s, reinforced the idea of Trudy adventures when he said he loved adventuring with Trudy because when you got home you felt so lucky to be alive!

On Trudy adventure I have learned that you need to figure out early, what item of Trudy’s is most important and keep your eye on it. In past it has been her car keys. Sometimes her binoculars. It seems to be her phone on this trip.

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