Native Art History Unmasked

I just reviewed this book for the Ormsby Review. It is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it. Doing a review forces you to really think about what you are reading and this book still has me thinking it over. There is so much to learn by reading it. I could go on andContinue reading “Native Art History Unmasked”

Coast Salish Woolly Dogs

A new article on Coast Salish wool dogs appeared in Hakai Magazine this week. This is very comprehensive and a great read and is also available in audio form. I want to make some corrections or question a few minor items not to nit pic or be critical, I just want to clarify what isContinue reading “Coast Salish Woolly Dogs”

The Valkyries’ Loom

I am reading a book recently published The Valkyries’s Loom: The Archaeology of Cloth Production and Female Power in the North Atlantic a fascinating history of women and weaving in the Viking world of Iceland mostly, Greenland, Faroe Islands and northern Europe. Michele Hayeur Smith’s research into the 1,000 years of Iceland weaving traces social,Continue reading “The Valkyries’ Loom”

Camino Victoria Day 5, Mattick’s Farm to The Empress, 13k

Gary cooks us breakfast each morning, bacon and eggs, toast, hash browns, yogurt, blueberries, coffee, etc. Then he drives us back to where we would stop the day before and we start again. Having a road crew is the best way to do this! The forecast was for 10% chance of rain which we interpretedContinue reading “Camino Victoria Day 5, Mattick’s Farm to The Empress, 13k”

Camino Victoria Day 4: Swartz Bay to Mattocks Farm 23.5k

Forecast: Rain easing towards afternoon. Two hours of rain so far. Linda wrung 1/2cup of water out of her muff (hand warmer, pocket, fanny pocket type thingie), which by the way we are going to redesign and make a fortune. The first improvement is we will make it waterproof and we’ll call it the rooContinue reading “Camino Victoria Day 4: Swartz Bay to Mattocks Farm 23.5k”

Camino Victoria Day 3: Across SaltSpring Island, 23k

Today was the hardest day do far due to the body rebelling, and hills. Oh the hills. Have you ever seen the hill going south out of Ganges? Big. Steep. Goes up for miles. So I planned a route to avoid as much of that hill as possible. The plan was to walk from VesuviusContinue reading “Camino Victoria Day 3: Across SaltSpring Island, 23k”

Camino Victoria Day 2: Ladysmith to Crofton 24.5k

We slept in our own beds last night after a butter curry dinner at Cathy’s cooked by Tauno. And ibuprofen. Slept well!Finished packing as the next two nights are in an AirBnB in Ganges. How is it that for St Jean Pied-du-Port to Santiago de Compestello I only needed one backpack? For this 11k walk,Continue reading “Camino Victoria Day 2: Ladysmith to Crofton 24.5k”

Camino Victoria Day 1: Nanaimo to Ladysmith, 30k

In what has to be the worst ill timing, Cathy, Linda and I headed out today in a gale, to walk to Victoria from Nanaimo. We estimate 5 days…. maybe 6….maybe zero if the rain washes us away. We started in downtown Nanaimo and walked along the waterfront, then through south Nanaimo onto Haliburton Rd,Continue reading “Camino Victoria Day 1: Nanaimo to Ladysmith, 30k”

Day 10-11 Logrõno to Burgos

The family divides up Today we split up. Suzie and Sarah G back to Toronto via Madrid. Sophie to Montreal via Madrid and Paris. So the three of them take a bus to Madrid while the four remaining take a bus to Burgos where we will spend the day before the three others take anotherContinue reading “Day 10-11 Logrõno to Burgos”