Day 10-11 Logrõno to Burgos

The family divides up

Today we split up. Suzie and Sarah G back to Toronto via Madrid. Sophie to Montreal via Madrid and Paris. So the three of them take a bus to Madrid while the four remaining take a bus to Burgos where we will spend the day before the three others take another bus to Bilboa, then London, then home.

Burgos is a beautiful old city. Bronze statues placed in every square, a cathedral towering above everything and tapas bars hidden down small alleyways.


Cathy booked us into a great apartment complete with kitchen, our own bathroom, beds with real shets and a table with chairs! All this within a couple hundred feet if the cathedral. And checkout time is noon! We took advantage of that unfortunately as we discovered Cathy and crew had ordered bus tickets for 1:30 but the fellow selling them gave her tickets for 11:30. Something got lost in the translation.

Now I wait for Norah and Peter to arrive late this afternoon. I check into the beautiful Burgos municiple albergue where I get my own electrical socket and bed lamp, a bunk in a pod of four three men from Barcelona, one shared womans bathroom for a dorm of 50. But as albergues go, this is luxury.

Kilometers walked: 5

Highlight: meeting up with Norah and Peter

Food highlight: tapas!

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