Day 3 Roncesvalles to Zuburi

Roncesvall or Roncesvalles depending on which language you speak

It is pitch black outside and pouring! The forecast says it will get better the further west we walk. So we dress in raingear, skip the dry baquette with jam breakfast, put our headlamps on and start walking through the witches forest–so named because they burned witches here.

Our pod of 4 beds. Since there are 7 of us, an unlucky older Italian man shared with Sophie, Sarah G and Suzie. He was a bit embarrassed by it all.

A half hour later we stopped for croissants and coffee and by the time we were walking again the rain was letting up.

Cheering on those crossing via the tall stepping stones.
Steep paths of mud and rock.

Kilometers walked: 21k

Highlight: getting two rooms in an apartment for the night. With sheets!

Food Highlight: a cream puff served with ice cream. Ok, two cream puffs.

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