Day 9, Vianna to Logroño

It is Camino coincidences that has you meeting the same people again and again. Not only Tobias and Muffin but also Bill and Chin from Maryland, Virginia.

Bill and Chin. Again

Everywhere we went, there they were.

They are with an ‘unguided’ tour group which meant the tour organizers took care of moving their luggage leaving them to carry a light daypack. They were told where to walk to and were put up in comfortable hotels.

Another your group ‘Spanish Steps’ were in evidence. We would see their van which stocked coffee and croissants and met their guests every couple of hours to tend to their needs.

We must have said goodbye to Bill and Chin, three times at least before finally separating at the Logrono bus station. Their next stop was Italy.

Musicians serenading us along the Camino path.

The same musicians, now in Logrõno

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