First Arrival

The plan was for Tauno and I to arrive a few days earlier than Liz in order to acclimatise and explore St Jean-Pied-De-Port and have a few days together before I head out with Liz on our journey.

We boarded the train at Bayonne for St Jean-Pied-Port a few minutes early which good. 15 minutes before departure there wasn’t standing room left and more kept coming. The engineer announced that the train was too full to allow the the conductor to move through the train to take tickets. Anyone standing without a seat was asked to leave the train. The pilgrims resisted and eventually the engineer decided to drive the train and the conductor decided not to check tickets.



We arrived at our destination. Our accommodation was just a ten minute walk from the station. It is a lovely typical Basque house which is a ten minute walk to the heart of the village. We are settling in well  and await Liz’s arrival


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