Day 1, Sept 27. St Jean Pied de Port to Orisson

We start walking from Cathy and Tauno’s AirBnB to the start of The Camino. I was embarrassed to be seen. I had my backpack on plus I was carrying a day pack on my front. Other pilgrims would be horrified to see us so overloaded. But it was only a ten minute walk to the luggage delivery service where we gladly paid £7 each to have our backpacks miraculously appear at our lodgings in Orisson tonight. After that we were light as two feathers.

It was as bad as I remembered. The road went straight up and up and up. The views were breathtaking or maybe it was the exhaustion but we certainly lost our breath and took many breaks on the excuse we were looking at the view.

However, it was easier than last year when I carried my pack up that mountain. We had made a good decision.

Distance travelled: 8.5 k but all of it uphill. Altitude gain of 600 meters. That’s 15 sets of Protection Island steps but all up, no catch-your-breath downhills.

Weather: sunny

Lessons learned: it pays to pay the luggage delivery service.

Food: toast with aubergine spread topped with local Basque brebis (sheep) cheese and two fried eggs on top, 1/8 lb nut mix, 1/2 pear, french pea soup, fried chicken with peas, and, rice pudding. Oh, and my first cafe au laity on the trip.

Health: nothing to complain about and the heart got a good workout. I should mention I do have a muscle issue on the side of my left ankle. It has been taped do I have a delightful brilliant palatine blue stripe on my lower left leg.

2 thoughts on “Day 1, Sept 27. St Jean Pied de Port to Orisson

  1. Hi Liz and Cathy. Happy walking you two! Aunt Judy and I are having coffee at my dad’s, having survived the Celebration of Life for Suzi. Everything went well and we saw your lovely mum too!


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