I can tell you that Tauno and I have nothing nearly as dramatic to tell about in our adventures so far. We are staying in a lovely Basque house which is only a ten minute walk to the center of the village of St Jean-Pied-de-Port. This picture is the view from our kitchen table.


We spend our days playing tourist, hanging out in outdoor cafes, doing some preparation for our journey and generally soaking up the wonderful ambiance of the area.


I have been busy getting our pilgrim passports stamped and ready, purchasing some good walking sticks and sleuthing out luggage transport opportunities. There are companies that will drive your luggage over the Pyranees for a fee. Liz was quite anxious about the weight of her pack and thought this might be a good idea. I had a distance glimpse of our challenge and defer to her past experience.20180925_103107

She arrives tonight by train (baring any further mishaps) and I will meet her at the station at 7:30 while Chef Tauno prepares our dinner. Tomorrow the game begins…….

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