Day 25, Foncebadón to Ponferrada, Oct 23

Last night we had a communal dinner at the albergue. It was optional at €8 but with only a few buildings standing there weren’t a lot of options.  We liked these opportunities to meet people over dinner. So we sat at a table with 5 other people by the fire: a young German couple (heContinue reading “Day 25, Foncebadón to Ponferrada, Oct 23”

Day 24, Astorga to Foncebadón , Oct 22

When you are feeling sick, you loose things. Sometimes even your mind. I am not that sick. Yesterday I lost my anti-chaffing cream for both feet and thighs AND my new and favorite bright flourescent yellow socks! It isn’t the colour that made them my favs, although they do look good with my blue with orangeContinue reading “Day 24, Astorga to Foncebadón , Oct 22”

Day 22, Mansilla de las Mulas to León, Oct 20

  Yesterday we decided to bus into León. Even THE guide book suggested we consider it. It is 18k of boring city semi industrial suburbs. So Linda, myself and Mats left Victo and Thomas at the albergue. They plan to walk, so we left in the dark in search or good coffee which we suspected,Continue reading “Day 22, Mansilla de las Mulas to León, Oct 20”

Day 19, Carrión to San Nicolas del Real Camino, Oct 17

Thomas felt the need to walk at a faster pace today, so he was off and away early.  Rob had a schedule to keep, wanting to be at Finisterre (three days past Santiago) for his brother’s birthday, November 1, and he had lost three days while recovering in Burgos.  I don’t know how or whenContinue reading “Day 19, Carrión to San Nicolas del Real Camino, Oct 17”

Day 17, Hontanos to Boadilla de Camino, Oct 15

Now our pilgrim/peregrinos family consists of Mats, Thomas, Rob, Linda and I. As we left Hontanos, we caught up to and passed Mat. I keep thinking we will never see him again but the energizer bunny just keeps going and going and going. He only stops to eat dinner and sleep. He told me thatContinue reading “Day 17, Hontanos to Boadilla de Camino, Oct 15”

Day 15 Burgos to Tardajos Oct 13

We lost Steffen again today. Suddenly, sadly and permanently. While putting my shoes on at 7:30 am, Mats informed me that Steffen was in hospital. Rob, who was sleeping in the next aisle to Steffen, heard what he thought was a loud explosion around midnight and a man yelling in Spanish ‘We need help!’. SteffenContinue reading “Day 15 Burgos to Tardajos Oct 13”