Day 25, Foncebadón to Ponferrada, Oct 23

Last night we had a communal dinner at the albergue. It was optional at €8 but with only a few buildings standing there weren’t a lot of options.  We liked these opportunities to meet people over dinner. So we sat at a table with 5 other people by the fire: a young German couple (he turned 28 yesterday), a couple near retirement from Berkley, and an Irish man, and enjoyed a huge paella.  


This morning we had already been walking 30 minutes when we saw the sun come up over the far horizon.  We were pretty high up which meant that eventually we had to come down. It was hard going on the rocky trail. Mats and I decided to take the road down to the next village instead while Linda persevered on the trail. We should have read the guidebook which specifically suggests not to take the road. Switchbacks with Hairpin curves and no shoulders has meant a few pilgrim deaths. We were lucky. Despite the dangers and the fact it was longer, it was still beautiful enough to enjoy. When we reached the village we met up with Linda for lunch. A strikingly beautiful Italian girl that we had been seeing on and off for a few days was sitting at the next table. She didn’t look well and within a few minutes an ambulance arrived to take her away, It seems like pilgrims are falling like flies.
My backpack peed again but at least it was outside the cafe by a table…like a dog.

My pack after it’s morning pee

Linda has a van, a blue van. She has nicknamed it ‘blue’. Her backpack is blue and she has named it ‘Blue too’. My backpack is black and has earned a nick name of TPTP ‘The Pack That Pees’. Looking for dinner and an ATM machine we run into Dave. Dave with whom we started the trip with and hadn’t seen since day zero. Dave seemed very happy to see us. Next to him was a petite pretty German who at dinner started us with her fluent Spanish when we discussed the menu with the waitress and she ordered for herself and Dave. I got the impression that Dave was starving for more company to complement his take-charge companion.

Time on trail: 10 hrs
Weather: perfect

Distance travelled: 32k!

Distance to go: 232
Food: café con leche, small tuna empanadas, tacos and ice cream!
Lesson learned:
Aches and pains: stomach starting to feel better!

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