Day 23, León to Astorga, Oct 21

I am definitely not feeling well. Diarrhea. Nuff said. But a pharmacy was top priority and I remembered seeing one on the way in from the bus station.

We had heard from Mats that he had passed through the village of the virgins and feeling so peaceful he accidentally walked 30k instead of 12. 
Linda and I had a vague plan. On a map there were railroad tracks between León and a town about 40k north. We would take the train there and start walking. We ightbsomehow connect up with Mats. But coffee and a pharmacy first.
We had a café con leche at a small café where you are also served miniature doughnuts. Walking out, I threw my backpack on one shoulder planning to put it on correctly once outside. There was a loud voice, in Spanish, and a man rushed up gesturing ‘agua, agua’. My pack had peed again.  All over the floor and everyone noticed.
At the train station we found out there was no train to where we planned to go so we moseyed over to the bus station and were told the bus we needed left in 57 seconds. Next one in 3 hours. We made it. We are glad we did, that section for the most park was in an urban area. Not great to walk a long distance in.

Once off the bus our destination was only 15k but it was the hardest day for me. No Mats, no Thomas, and a belly ache. Around 10k we came across a ramshackle place consisting of a wall, and a hodgepodge of shelters from a cold wind. David from Barcelona lived here and offered fruit, cookies, juices, tea and hammocks tomuse, all by donation. I was so tired I slept for 10-15 minutes and woke up next to a man from Ottawa.
I was really dragging my feet by the time we reached Astorga which had one of those switchback ramps to cross a rail track. I almost gave up. Up and up and up and then down and down and ‘Leenda,Leez’. A voice yelled from the up ramp and there was a Thomas! Thomas who had left León today and decided he wanted to walk at his own fast pace. I thought we’d never see him again but there he was having walked 50k in one day!

They say the people you meet on the Camino are there for a reason.
Thomas’s goal for this, his 5th Camino is to slow down and meet people. He thinks Linda and I are a result of fate. He is tied to us. Even if he tries to get away, there we are.
An hour later Mats walked into the Albergue we were staying at. Twice he has thought to go faster or further ‘leaving the girls behind’ but each time he suffers ankle or shin pain.
I think these two are here to help us get to Santo Domingo.

So fate has intervened again and once more a peregrinos family.

Time on trail: 4 hours
Weather: sunny but cold.

Distance travelled: 45k (15k on foot)

Distance to go:
Food: apple, donut, café on leche, 3 grapes, 2 cookies, a mixed salad
Lesson learned: always travel with some antibiotics, just in case
Feeling: ucky
Aches and pains:ired and cramps

One thought on “Day 23, León to Astorga, Oct 21

  1. Omigosh – Wow – Incroyable – Increíble! I am filled with awe as I read of your experiences. I've just read all of your first week's posts, and will eagerly read more. People, places, blisters, body aches and pains. I applaud your persistence and resilience !!!!!


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