It begins

This morning I heard from one niece–she is not going. It isn’t too much of a surprise. She has a toddler and leaving him stresses her out too much. Next time. This time her Camino will be via this blog and via FaceTime.

Meanwhile, Tauno, Cathy and I boat over to Nanaimo. We breathe a sigh of relief to see the otters haven’t christened the boat. Last year I almost missed my plane by having to clean the boat first, then I smelled of otter crap all the way to Europe!

Tauno drove us first to the Post Office where Cathy picked up a package with a t-shirt she had ordered for the Camino! Talk about cutting it close.

Annie’s ‘flyer’

Next we picked up Annie. She is very organized. She showed us her itinerary/Camino info sheet. This is a professional looking flyer–our itinerary printed on one page, our anticipated daily milage goals, our medical info including my medications! It even has a list of recommended vegan restaurants in London. All this in a handy dandy flyer with a cover, folding pages, and classy layout. I think I will put her in charge of logistics.

Sarah is so impressed with Annie’s organization

We meet Sarah at the airport and take pictures. THEY take pics of our smiling faces.

I took a picture of our ‘before’ tummies.

Our pre hike tummies

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