Part 2, Day 2, Tuesday October 9th, Labruge to Rates

There were ten in the room last night. No bunk beds and a bonus: my bed was last so I had a wall next to me AND a window! He who controls the window controls the heat! I find it very hot here at night that I end up throwing off the down throw and sliding out of my silk bag liner. Then thinking about bedbugs I scamper onto it again. But a window is pure luxury. This one came with window blinds which means I can hide the fact that it is open. It amazes me that people want the window closed when we often have 6, 10, even 24 bodies on a stuffy room! Last night was not stuffy.

I was surprised to see that Izzy had brought a house coat! And pj’s.

There was a Swiss man across from me and at the opposite corner a couple rom Germany- Janna and Nico who seemed to know where everyone was from.

I headed out early but just behind Izzy. Olympia was just getting out of bed. I walked back down that well worn 1k path to the beach and headed north.

The boardwalk was popular with early morning walkers, runners, dog walkers and the odd pelegrina. I could see Izzy up ahead and the Swiss man joined her for awhile then he forged ahead and she waited for me. ‘I have decided to keep on the Coastal route.’ And I decided to head inland. Rain was forecast for two days away and I figured rain and wind for the coast but maybe less wind inland. Plus more options and cheaper options on the inland route.

Mr. Google suggested a trail at Vila do Conde that would join the inland route at Arcos but Mr Google might be picking the fastest and most dangerous route. Time for coffee and a think. Someone waved from a cafe and there was Janna and Nico. They too were going in,and so we plotted and walked together.

Once inland we realized there were more tractors than cars on the small village routes.

I may have mentioned Janna seemed to know everyone. She is very social but she also takes a photo of the guest registers to help her memory. When I mentioned Izzy’s housecoat she admitted she carried a hot water bottle.

Distance 27k

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