Day 4, September 29 – Zubiri to Pamplona

We walked again with Joyce from India currently living in England.

Hung out with Rob and Linda from Jasper at Hemmingway’s favorite hangout Café Iruna in Pamplona and slept in an albergue on the second floor where the ceiling was far above us, the floor was of thick glass and a 100 bunk beds lined up in rows giving you the impression you were sleeping on a crowded cloud.

Distance travelled: 24k. Total so far 67.9

Weather: sunny

Lessons learned:  do your blog every night else your memory fades

Food: a few café con leche, a wonderful mushroom tortilla, baguette (not a whole one), pintxas, vanilla ice cream cone, ice cream dessert,

Health: another day with no blisters! ….but the hips, ouch.

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