Healing Songs

Northern canoes at Departure Bay, Tribal Journey 2008

Today was a special day for Mark.  My Tribal Journey canoe family came to sing a healing song for Mark to honour and thank him for the beautiful photos he has taken of our journeys (click here (2014) and here (2008) to see some of them).  Mark meet up with our canoe at various places up and down the coast for both the Ft Rupert to Cowichan Bay Tribal Journey 2008 and the Nanaimo to Bella Bella journey this past summer, capturing the spectacular events and scenery.

Tribal Journey 2008 canoe family

 When you view his photos of the journeys you get a physical reaction, perhaps a gasp of breath, a shiver or the hair on your arms stand up, and you start to understand the kind of impact the journey had on all the participants involved with them.

The canoe family gathered in the hospital courtyard where family and friends stood by.  Mark’s bed was moved to the courtyard doorway of his room so he could watch.  He was so pleased.  He had mentioned it was going to happen to all his visitors and nursing staff for the last couple of days, ever since he found out they wanted to sing for him.

 They drummed and sang.  Above Mark’s room three First Nation’s children saw what was happening and joined in by raising their hands during the song. There was a lot of healing being done in the hospital rooms surrounding the courtyard today.

Ft Rupert canoes, Tribal Journey 2014

One of the paddlers who could not be there sent an email which expressed what I am very grateful for ‘One thing about living with a photographer – with the good ones, part of them ends up in their pictures.

and he has left a lot of pictures!

One thought on “Healing Songs

  1. Hi LizThank so much for posting this wonderful blog with all Mark's fantastic photographs. It is such a tribute. You are so brave. Love you both, Amanda


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