Speed of life


They say that the universe is expanding at an increasing rate.  I think that means that time, too, is speeding up.  That could explain why we wonder where time has gone, why our lives seem to go quicker as we age and ‘what happened to all those years?’



Today Mark’s doctors weighed the benefits of trying to get the stent into his bile ducts and  decided that the benefits didn’t justify poking around inside him.  So they let it be to keep him comfortable and continued to drain the bile…4 litres have been drained and still counting.

With this type of rare cancer, symptoms usually do not show until the liver is only functioning at 10%.  He was moved into the palliative care unit today.  We were told to only expect a week or two, but not a month.  Your mind splits. One part thinks this can not be happening and the other half of the brain manages to discuss it calmly.
 The doctor warned that at some point Mark will become confused so if there were people to see, things to be done, it should be sooner rather than later.


When ones knows you are near the end of your life, it is so heart warming to be able to pause that busy life and freeze those precious moments in your mind’s photo album, moments like today surrounded by friends, family, even T-dog, laughing, joking, swapping stories and memories.

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