A quick update

Puffin 2011

Mark went into hospital today for a couple of  procedures.  They couldn’t get a stent into his bile duct as it was so compressed and yes, it is cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer).  They will try again tomorrow (Thursday) using a different technique and approaching it from a different direction so they kept him in overnight.  This afternoon they started draining the fluid around his abdomen and when I left this evening 3 liters and counting had been drained.  This should ease the jaundice and the discomfort and hopefully bring back his appetite.

Strangely he now has some pain, perhaps it is from aching organs and overstretched muscles as the shock they must have been under starts to wear off. Some of his symptoms have abated in the last two days, his voice is normal again, his double vision has gone, his sense of balance is a bit better and he has stayed awake longer and I doubt this is all due to the anticipation of a hospital procedure. After enduring all this he is still himself and his always cheerful nature prevails.   As a few people have pointed out, his nordic stoicism is showing.

It was so reassuring this week to have support people that knew Mark.  First, the occupational therapist who came to assess what changes might be needed in the house.  It turned out to be Andrea L’Heureux, a neighbour whose Album ‘Hymns for Her’ (how appropriate)  You can listen to Wildflower, written by another neighbour in Victoria.  Thanks to the Lions Club who provided all the equipment we needed very little more. And when we entered Medical Imaging a volunteer greeted us, Norma!  Janet’s (Wayne) mother.  Wayne is one of Mark’s best friends and they are both photographers. That greeting  and Andrea made the hospital and Island Health Services more like a big caring community.  Thanks you.

It amazes me that he can get out of the wheelchair and, with only people on each side of him to balance him, get into the boat on his own for the trip to town today.  I doubt the doctors and nurses would believe it if they only knew.

Heading to the hospital

One thought on “A quick update

  1. Thank you for sharing this journey with those who care, even though we have not seen each other for decades. Mark and I started at the Free Press the same day (I believe that is right) in 1977. I can only imagine what a massive collection of photos he has from all the years documenting thousands of people and events. Peace to both of you at this very sacred time!


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