Beach Party taken in the Broken Islands 2007

Wednesday was chaos in and around the Kaarremaa household.  Mark’s brother, wife and two nieces came Tuesday and stayed a night.

side note….Tuesday on my way to pick them up at BC Ferries, I kicked some otter-food, dead crab shells left on the dock, and in so doing my shoe flew off and landed upside down in the salt chuck.  It floated away but I managed to jump in the boat and paddle after it and retrieved it,  and went on my way dripping squishy puddles with my right foot print….

It was good for Mark to be able to visit with them. They are always so cheery. Two stayed with us and the other two spent the night in Gamma’s little guest cottage.  With so many , there was lots of laundry loads, toilet flushes,dishwasher loads and sink loads.  Too much for the sewer system and at 9 a.m. the toilet overflowed! 15 minutes of vigorous plunging brought the toilet bowl level down 6 inches but a new gurgling noise came from the tub which now filled with toilet water (not the nice kind). All dish washing, laundry,bowels and bladders came to a dead halt.
Roto Rooter listened to our dire tale and promised a savior.
Meanwhile people trotted to the guest cabin which is outfitted with a bathroom. But of course that was an issue for Mark who thankfully was able to wait.
At 11:15 Gramma arrived along with my youngest sister, her husband and daughter.  At 11: 15 I went off in the boat to pic up Ray, Mr Roto Rooter and his 300 lbs of equipment.  Long story involving Ray who went overboard (not literally) adding air to 2 golf cart tires, crawling under the house, weed wacking blackberries and roots.   The upshot was roots in the pipe which were easily fixed and a smoking electrical connection in the sewer pump which required fixing.  Thank you Vern!!!!
By 3pm it was fixed and everyone left to catch various ferries.
As Carol Matthews said, sometimes God wants to make a point so you realize ‘that sometimes life is the shits!’

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