Family, Friends and Food

Norah and her black forest cake.  Note her headlamp.
I guess the candles weren’t bright enough to light her way that night.
Everyone has been so kind, bringing food and friendship.  We couldn’t make Peter’s birthday party, so Norah brought it to us.  Turkey dinner with all the trimmings and a couple of hours later a piece of  just cut Black Forest Cake.  Norah learned to bake this cake at 23 when Peter was courting her (or was it the other way around?) .  She enticed him with one and he ate half the cake (think 1 lb of butter, a pint of cherry liqueur, chocolate, cream and more cream) and then felt heavy and exclaimed there was something in the cake that didn’t agree with him!  It agreed with us.
And Thora, dear Thora has been cooking up a storm, taking menu orders and asking what time should she deliver it to be able to serve it hot to us and any guests. Would Mark prefer beef, chicken or pork tourtiere? Mark looked puzzled ‘Everything Thora makes is wonderful. It doesn’t matter what she makes.’ It has taken a weight off my mind to not have to worry about having enough food in the house or what to cook.  Thank you, all you cooks.
So much food has been delivered we have had to take over the fridge in my mother’s cottage two doors down.
It brightens the day to have so many friends and family  emailing or stopping by for visits.  Mark is not in pain, nor on any drugs (although many offers of special brownies) so his mind is clear and he enjoys connecting with old friends.  

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