Last week

Foggy Morning on Protection Island
Last week Mark was tired but life was normal.
Last week he visited friends.  This week friends visit him.
His liver is so large it has extended his stomach and has left him with jaundice.
Last week his doctor exclaimed  ‘God, Liz, he must be sooo strong.’
He was talking about Mark’s stoicism, his willpower, his pain threshold, his mental and emotional state. Mark still has some muscle strength in his arms and legs, although his left arm doesn’t quite do what he wants it to and his arm and shoulder muscles have wasted away leaving his shoulders looking frail.
Last week Mark woke up and he had lost his sense of balance. This week he uses a walker to help keep him centered.
Last week he slept in our double bed. This week he sleeps in a hospital bed.
Last week Mark slept 5 or 6 hours ever night.  This week Mark is awake five or six hours a day.
Last week life was normal.  This week life is on a different planet.

3 thoughts on “Last week

  1. Dear Mark and Liz,I know a bit about what this new planet is like, and my heart is with you both.I'm so glad you have started this blog with Mark's beautiful photographs. There is nobody like you, Mark, for photos of the ocean and the forest. But what about some of your brilliant portraits of islanders? The one you took of Mike grinning demonically over a large bleeding salmon you helped him catch was remarkable, capturing an aspect of his personality people had rarely seen! I had the photo in our bathroom for some time but had to remove it because it frightened small children.It sounds like you are prevailing well throughout this difficult time and handling everything with grace and fortitude. Somehow that's not surprising. I look forward to seeing you soon and to seeing more of your lovely photographs on this blog. Sending much love to you both,Carol


  2. Dearest Mark and Liz. I write this from the Silicon Valley where I' m attending a Seabird conference . Thinking of you as the sliver of a moon hangs in the sky with Venus below that you two will be seeing over the beautiful Salish Sea. I want to let you both know how much you mean to me and my life. Always there, always supportive. From the time I was first invited to one of Mark's amazing dinners, to adventures shared, to the time Mark boated us to town in the middle of the night when Tdog ate mushrooms! Showering you with my love and well wishes. Herewith is a bit of an adventure which I title…..Which way to San Jose? Literally as in trying to save money while going to the Pacific Seabird conference I am staying in Mountainview California which is more than an hour's commute from San Jose.Two days ago, Idecided to follow Google's bike route at supposedly 1.25 hours to the Garden Hotel in San Jose. At least 2.5 sweaty and slightly sore bum later, I arrived for the coffee break at 1000 am. This, after a ride through endless quiet suburbs, bicycle friendly bridges over freeways, along the Guadalupe River trail, hundreds of tech industry buildings and lastly the inevitable freeway!All very interesting as I love the speed of a bicycle and the actual room it gives one to think.Anyways, sense prevailed over determination and I was able to catch a bus with bike racks and eventually get the Cal Train to San Antonio station ride to Jim's house and have a much needed bath. This morning I actually caught the Cal Train at Santa Clara and am writing from there. It too, is relaxing and gives time to think or read.However, deep in thought while writing has its disadvantages too. Missed Santa Clara station! Got off at the next station which was only 1 way, so another convoluted bike ride ensued. .. Another Trudy adventure. ..Lots of love,Trudy


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